Where are teaching hospitals located?

Locations of teaching hospitals

  Teaching Hospital location Department
1 Mulago Hospital Peadiatrics,Surgery,
2 Mulago Hospital Cardiology and Oncology
3 Kawempe Hospital OBS&Gyn
4 Butabika Hospital Pyschiatry
5 COBERS sites Nkozi Hospital , Kayunga Hospital

How much is the administrative fee?

The administrative fees are paid according to the duration of the placement as indicated below

  Period Fee
1 Short stay (2- 6 weeks) 300
2 Medium stay (7-10 weeks)  500
3 Long stay (11- 15 weeks)  700
4 Residents  400
5 Research electives  500


Where do students reside during their stay at Makerere University College of Health Sciences?

Recommended places of accommodation

Guest  house Location

Single RM

(Per day)

Double room

(single ocupancy)

Double room

(double occupancy)

Dorm Rm                                                  

1)    Makerere Guest House

Prices are per day and in US dollars (Breakfast inclusive)

Mak. University main campus



US$55 per day


US$ 40


US$ 20


2)    Mulago Guest House


Mulago Hospital Complex 25 USD per day US 30 Per day

US 20 per day


15 USD

Triple occupancy

3)    Edge House No. 37

Email:  edgehouse@chs.mak.ac.ug

Mak. University US20 US$20 US$15 US$15
4)   Kisa House Email: dianabena@gmail.com Mawanda road USD 15 USD 25 USD 15 N/A