Dr. Ssenyange George

Yale University

“My international exchange program at Yale School of Medicine was an enriching and eye-opening chapter in my medical education journey. The experience deepened my medical knowledge and fostered cultural understanding, global collaboration, and a commitment to advancing healthcare worldwide.”

“Thank you Yale & MakCHS!!!”


Abraham Matovu Ddungu

University of Cambridge

“The selection criteria was merit-based and I am humbled to be one of the 2 students who were given this life-changing opportunity to study the noble and life-saving specialty of oncology and haematology at Cambridge University.”

A Life Changing Experience!!


Anna Maria Gwokyalya1

Anna Maria Gwokyalya

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine,Chicago,Illinois

“I rotated in the Cardiac Surgery Department( I love the heart and everything about it). I can’t get over how amazing those highly advanced procedures increased the quality of life of people suffering from dreadful heart conditions. This was a life changing opportunity.”


Catherine Namara

Catherine Namara

Magna University

The exchange program has been a priceless opportunity for growth both intellectually and socially. Through this experience I have learnt to be flexible and adapt to new environments and systems especially with the language and cultural differences here in Italy’’.

Kennedy Naigambi

Keneddy Naigambi

Magna University

“I am grateful for the opportunity. We are currently rotating in the COVID-19 unit and so far, it has been a, life changing and educative experience especially because I had never been involved in management of COVID-19 patients”.

Namata Tracy Tushabe

Namata Tracy Tushabe


“Am so grateful for this opportunity, exposure and I love every bit of it. The neurosurgery elective is divided into 4 one week sub-rotations each, that is tumor, spine, vascular and functional rotations”.